COWBOY WILD - Rocky Mountain Books, 2012

Love it or hate it, the Calgary Stampede is a place where myth, history, and spectacle collide. A century after
an American vaudeville cowboy first dreamed it up, the Stampede remains the greatest outdoor show on earth.
Cowboy Wild goes beyond the hype to probe the contradictions that lie at the heart of the West.

A bucking bronco of a literary and visual treat... Shields and Campion are masters of vérité storytelling
in the spirit of James Agee and Walker Evans. Long may they ride.
— Deborah Campbell, author of This Heated Place

Campion fills the frame like no other photographer: each of the images in this book is a complex, brilliant and
surprising disclosure of the visible in its many layers: a tableau vivant of the real.
— Stephen Osborne, publisher of Geist magazine

All who are intrigued by the Old West and its modern echoes will enjoy this elegant blend of
fascinating words and stunning images.
— Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress


WHERE FIRE SPEAKS - Arsenal Pulp Press, 2002
Winner: BC Book Prize for Nonfiction 2003

A candid account of life on thedevelopment frontier of northernNamibia.This book visits a remote corner of the
Kalahari Desert and documents the dynamics of the contact zone between the Himba, a traditional tribal people,
and the global economy.

An impressive collaborative work of non-fiction.
Calgary Herald

Publisher's Weekly

The authors are wise enough to offer only observations, not answers.
ascent magazine

A moving portrayal of one of the world's numerous indigenous peoples coming to terms with the
enticements and forces of modernity.

Crank Magazine


THE COMPANY OF OTHERS - Arsenal Pulp Press / PLAN Institute, 2005

An intimate look at the power of community. This book explores the reciprocity of relationship in the lives of
those living with a disability, mental illness or old age. The results are a proposal for a better way of living together.

WHAT A LOVELY GEM…. It’s like searching for the words to describe a good wine; it is small, round, earthy and rich.
This is a small book that packs a big wallop about humanity and the essence of community.
— Dialect Magazine

Compelling portraits of grace and dignity.
— Shari Graydon, author